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    About us


         Shanxi Hongli Flange Forging Co., Ltd. is located in Dingxiang County, known as “Hometown of Forging” and an energy and heavy chemical industry base in Northwest Shanxi, with abundant coal and power resources, convenient transportation and communication facilities and an advantageous geographical location.

      Our capacity of steelmaking, forging, hot treatment, machining, physical and chemical inspection, surface treatment, packaging and transportation, strong capital strength, solid technical force, advanced production process, complete quality inspection, reliable after-sales service and good credit have laid a solid cooperation foundation.

      We can produce plate flanges in accordance with ANSI 16.5, DIN, JIS B220 and B2210 and GB. Our flanges include welding flanges, lapped flanges, socket welding flanges, slip-on flanges, threaded flanges, blind flanges and plate flanges,

    Dingxiang HongLi Flange Forging Co., Ltd.

    Address: West Road, 40km, Xinfu Road, Dingxiang County, Shanxi Province

    Tel: 86(0)350-6098228

    Fax: 86(0)350-6098366

    zip code: 035400

    website: http://www.www.petsplashgrooming.com



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